Orlando is a Capricorn sun sign, known for their dignified, careful and industrious approach to life. He also has Mars and Mercury in Capricorn, which shows he is quick to act on his ideas, particularly around professional decisions. These two planets are currently being aspected by Uranus and Pluto, potentially showing him that at times he can make rash decisions or premature judgments. He is now getting the insight into transforming this, and it’s linked to the use of his personal resources. Gradually, he’s learning to slow down, particularly in relationships connected to his career. It won’t make so much sense to jump in quickly. In the past, he was accident prone, now he’s learned how to better control that impulse. His work schedule and responsibilities connected to his career will make relationships very challenging over the next year, as Saturn in Scorpio squares his Ascendant/Descendant (the relationship axis in the horoscope).

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