Nicole is a Gemini sun sign, indicating that she has become successful through versatility and adaptability in film and drama roles. She also has Mercury, the thinker and communicator planet, in sensitive Cancer, the crab, and Venus, the planet of love, connected with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in the radiant sign of Leo, the demonstrative lion. This planetary placement helps her glow with beauty and attraction, and gain the attention of the world. It is her Venus, which is soon to be receiving a challenging aspect from Saturn in Scorpio (November 2013) that will most likely bring a phase of tension in relating to people – especially over work and career issues. Her natal Saturn in Aries is also undergoing inevitable transformation through alignment with behemoths Uranus and Pluto, meaning she may well be forced to reconstruct her world in 2013 and 2014. But lucky Jupiter is about to enter Cancer, where it will stay for a year, and will soon connect to her Mercury. This will show that she will learn much wisdom from talking and thinking empathically and compassionately (particularly in late May/early June 2014).

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