Miley is a Sagittarius sun sign, known for their wide-reaching viewpoints and enthusiastic and free approach to life. Miley is currently on a hugely popular drive with a new album and revolutionary new ways of expressing herself through image and her changed values; this because of rebellious Uranus and transformative Pluto both transiting her Venus, planet of love and values. Her Venus is in Capricorn, showing unbridled ambitions. She has un-tethered herself from a long-term relationship and is showing off sexy and raunchy moves to promote her career. However, Sagittarians can often “put their foot in it” and be tactless. Recently, Miley has been courting controversy with her outspoken views about celebrities who have suffered mental health challenges due to fame. Many are asking, “Why she does this?” In her horoscope, she has the planet Mercury (the thinker, talker and communicator) conjoined with Pluto (the extremist, compulsive, obsessive, power struggles) in her 12th house (the house of self-undoing and unconscious patterns). A Mercury/ Pluto person tends to have a commanding mind with penetrating intelligence, which she uses to promote herself in her career and display a potentially “strong” mind. It could be said she has a gift at scrutinizing, exploring and then – without due consideration – relentlessly revealing everything. She often presents powers of persuasion and fixed ideas convincing the world of her opinions. However, a selfish attitude like this can only go on for so long, and with Saturn (the great karmic leveler) currently in Scorpio and soon to hit her mercury/Pluto, she would do well to learn to keep quiet, apologize and think of others. Her Moon is in Scorpio, also lined up for Saturn, to challenge her emotional life. It is no coincidence that her new single is called “Wrecking Ball” for that is quite possibly what she might experience in some form herself. She might be feeling invincible at the moment, especially as Pluto is conjuncting her Venus, and Uranus is squaring her Venus (hence her recent relationship break up with Liam Hemsworth and the total transformation of her image). But around this Christmas and into New Year 2014, things will start to change as she may well have painted herself into a lonely corner for a while. The last week of April and first week of October are highlighted as further challenges to her moon. In November 2014, her Pluto and Mercury get hit by Saturn, when she will fully get the lesson she has been creating for herself. Starting in January 2015 she will have a new makeover and reassessment of her whole approach. She is someone who most definitely learns from her mistakes and all that she goes through will add to her self-confidence.

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