Michelle is a Cancer sun sign, which are known for their protective qualities, along with an urge to belong and sensitivity to slights. Her Sun is also conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, which potentially adds much travelling and cultural family experiences. This planetary pairing is in a tense alignment to her Moon and Pluto in Libra, which gives her powerful ambitions and a compulsion to continuously take the initiative (this can be seen in her successful action roles in Hollywood). Both her Venus and Mars (the planets of relationships) are in the critical sign of Virgo, the maiden, which often shows modesty and shyness with desire and pleasure found in cleanliness and purity. Virgo is a mutable sign, which also denotes many variable changes and shifts in her relationships and experiences of love. 2015 and beyond will prove to be an exciting time for her as unique and rebellious Uranus lines up to activate her Sun and Jupiter (a blast into orbit?), which will no doubt offer her yet more exciting female lead roles in adventure films.

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