Michael is a Pisces sun sign known for their ability to be highly creative (songwriter, musician and singer) and in that creativity often bringing a message of higher love as a part of their soul's journey through life.

Michael is entering a phase of his life where he might really enjoy travelling and moving away from his roots, experiencing a strong desire and motivation to find a new (foreign?) location to reside in for a while. This is particularly noticeable in late April and October 2014, going through to February 2015, as his Mars is transited (passed) by Uranus and Pluto. This is backed up by a spiritual and psychic attunement to how he wants to be seen: compassion and empathy (his charity work) comes to the fore in May to July and later on through 2015 as Neptune conjuncts (joins) his Sun. The next couple of years see him go through a phase of self-development that will give him a completely different public image.

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