Leonardo is a deeply passionate Scorpio sun sign, known for their ability to be strong willed and self-contained. He probably prizes loyalty and total involvement, and most likely deplores superficiality. Saturn, the planet of ‘reality testing,’ is currently in Scorpio, and in late December will meet his Sun and Venus (and again in May and September 2014). This is the time when his style of relating will come to the forefront of his life and he will feel challenged about a love issue. Saturn is the planet of ‘rings’, and Venus is the planet of attraction and relationships, so when the two meet some sort of commitment bond is usually cast – or at least a realization about how one relates to the world. Since Venus is his chart ruler, if a substantially powerful relationship doesn’t change his whole approach, then he will most likely use his charms and influence to delve deeper into environmental and ecological world-saving projects and fund-raising for wildlife charities. In the meantime, lucky Jupiter is going over his career and professional area of his chart this year, clearly marking out the acting success he has had in his role in ‘The Great Gatsby’ and also as a producer.

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