Kesha is a Pisces Sun sign, known for their compassion, empathy and sensitivity, as well as being people who like to merge and seek oneness with something, being devotional and self-sacrificing. In Kesha’s chart, she has four planets in Pisces, strongly highlighting her emotional and feeling/intuitive nature. The four planets are in the area of her life to do with siblings and people close to her, and to do with her family past and her upbringing. Neptune, the planet of dreams and boundary dissolution (the ruler of Pisces), is currently on her Mercury (planet of the mind), affecting her decision making process, and will soon meet with her Sun, source of ego and self-identity. Over the next few years she will have interactions with family members based around neediness and supply of resources: her natal Neptune is in her 2nd house of money and possessions, indicating she has spiritual values, so she might well find herself supporting her brothers, sisters and other family members as well as herself. ‘Taking care of the family’ could well be her new mantra and approach to the world.

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