Kate is a Libran sun sign, which are known for their relationships and need to be recognized for harmony, justice and balance. At its essence, a Libra likes to shine through its interactions with another. Kate has an important cluster of planets and points in Libra: she has her sun, moon and ascendant all within a few degrees of each other. ‘Starting things off’ and giving out the best ‘first impressions’ is vital for Kate, especially as she also has the powerful shadow planet of Pluto close to her Libra cluster, which must have control at all costs. So although she shines and emanates a beautiful film star presence, ultimately she has compulsive qualities that stand her alone and make her (unconsciously) independent. The problem with Libras is that they want to be married and paired up, and so she has a dilemma – wanting to be exclusively and uniquely herself while also desiring a partner to shine with. Hence, she has been married three times by her 38th year. To add understanding to the reason for several marriages, she has the bounteous and beneficial planet Jupiter in the seventh house of marriage: each partner is great for her and helps her to learn more about herself as she goes along. This next year sees her cluster of Libran planets highly charged and challenged by Uranus and Pluto in transit. From January to April 2014, she will experience serious changes in how she approaches her relationships. Once again, the need for freedom will strongly express itself as Uranus crosses into her relationship sector of her chart, as well as Pluto making tense squares to her Sun and Ascendant. Ultimately, she will most likely learn that if marriage is too much of a commitment, then maybe she could be happy with boyfriends or lovers so she can focus on her acting career.

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