Although it might not look like it in the news reports and pictures, Kate is still adjusting to life as a married-in member of the royal family, which is a traditional institution that if one is not born into takes a lot of adjustment. From looking at her chart, it would appear that her own birth family has always pushed her upwards towards greatness. As a Capricorn, she’s used to ambitions being fulfilled, something she would have gotten from her father. Now that she has become a mother, she’s settled in with plenty to keep her busy, with the possibility of another child maybe in January, May or October
2015 likely, when Saturn changes sign into Sagittarius. In the meantime, Jupiter is transiting the part of her chart that is associated with quiet sanctuary and development behind the scenes. She’s probably enjoying keeping away from the limelight as much as possible at the moment, but readying herself to re-enter the arena of a high profile public persona soon.

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