Kanye West is a Gemini sun sign. Geminis are known for their clever ways of communicating, and Kanye is a world-renowned rapper and hip-hop producer. Combined with his Sun, he also has Jupiter in Gemini, the planet of luck and wisdom. This last year he has been having a ‘Jupiter return’, which happens every 12 years, and this is reflected in his successful relationship with Kim Kardashian, and the birth of his first child on June 15th.

Saturn, the planet of hard work and responsibility, is currently in Scorpio, making challenging alignments to his natal Saturn in Leo, and also to his Uranus in Scorpio. In his natal chart, he has a Saturn/ Uranus ‘square’ aspect, which denotes a rebel who works creatively to disrupt the system and authority. This is likely to be reflected in his new album, released this month, which could well have strongly pronounced and powerful themes that he has been pushing himself to write over the last year. The peak of this Saturn transit will be throughout September and October 2013. Now he has become a father, his priorities will begin to shift, and it’s likely that in the future his musical style will change somewhat as he reflects on life differently. He will continue to experiment and develop different business ventures, such as fashion and food.

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