Kanye is a Gemini Sun sign with the beneficial Jupiter also in Gemini conjuncting his Sun. This tends to indicate a lucky life imbued with wisdom, insight, and understanding. As a Gemini, he is perfectly suited to being a rapper since Gemini’s are at their best when vocalizing, describing and reporting. By being naturally spontaneous and inquisitive, he asks questions as well as answers them. He also has the sensitive and transcendent moon in Pisces, which makes him acutely psychic and perceptive; he has to adjust his personal feelings to the constant bombardment of vibrations and impressions in the environment around him. This leads him to being someone who is sympathetic and receptive to others, as well as being dreamy, profound and fantastically imaginative. He is likely at his creative best when he can be secluded and in personal quiet sanctuary, then when prepared he goes on stage to tell his story. As his Sun and Moon are in tense aspect to each other, he is most likely trying to get across through the art of rapping a spiritual empathy with his experience of the world.

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