Jeffrey is a Taurus Sun sign. They are known for their patience and determination, and often have a lusty physical appetite. He values stability and possessions and probably dislikes upheaval and being rushed. His Sun in Taurus is also joined by Mars, which shows he can be dominant and ambitious, but also sometimes brooding. A Sun Mars conjunction is a very masculine trait showing a good deal of strength, courage and competiveness. He is someone who is most likely slow burning, but can be relied on for solid, practical action. With his Mercury in Aries, he has an uncluttered thought process and is a direct communicator. With his Venus in Pisces, he is a compassionate lover and a gentle and sympathetic relater who seeks fusion and likes to be at one with others. In 2013 and 2014 he is being challenged by Saturn in Scorpio, probably in the area of committing to relationships. It’s likely he learns big lessons from the process of letting go of old partnerships, as he has Saturn in Pisces conjunct his Venus. Now that he is a father, he is probably seeing things very differently.

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