Will Smith has a Libra Sun sign known for their harmony, balance and fairness especially in relationships. Librans tend to be concerned with the truth and are also a very social sign. Will Smith happens to also have Mercury and Venus in Libra, which makes him particularly charming and likeable. His Moon is in deep and sensitive Scorpio, which tends to indicate past hurts that he conceals deeply, and this concealment is probably best done by making people laugh, which naturally led him onto becoming a professional comedian and also acting. In a couple of months’ time he has Jupiter conjuncting his natal Moon, which expands and enhances his feelings and reactions about family and the past, but he is (no doubt) very good at keeping his private life, private. However over the next few months, the planet of eccentric awakenings, Uranus, opposes his Mercury and Venus, and this could trigger something much unexpected in him. So look out for him taking on a new career goal, expressing his plans in an surprising way, or just generally being a bit more crazy than usual! Overall he is a well-loved American icon, and he knows how to play that perfectly.

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