Elizabeth is a Sun sign Aquarius, known for their companionability and quirkiness, and she also has the moon in Libra, which indicates a need for harmony, balance and peaceful surroundings. She has been on a gradual and successful climb in her acting career with the Hunger Games being her latest success. Mercury, the planet of thinking and communicating, is in Pisces in her sixth house, which shows that she’s good at managing everyday matters and editing information. However, the planet Neptune is soon to conjunct her Mercury, which is likely to cloud her power for logical thinking and tend to make her thoughts confused and irrational. It will be better for her to let important decisions remain in the background, and make sure she is not vulnerable to deceit. This is further enhanced by Pluto and Uranus aspecting her Moon in the second house, which highlights challenges to do with money matters. Overall, the best advice would be to be very careful about work and career-based investments or spending over the next couple of years (2015-2017).

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