David is a Taurus sun sign. Taurus sun signs are known for their stability and steadfastness, and a general dislike of change. He recently returned to the UK with his family after several years in the USA. This was triggered by the planet Saturn, in the opposite sign of Scorpio, opposing his sun in Taurus. Since his sun is in the 12th house of hidden matters, we can only guess at his decision to make the move back across the pond. However, his natal sun rules the 5th house of his chart, so it’s possible he wants his children to have an English education. Aside from that, a 12th house sun tends to show someone who can be very compassionate and empathic. With the planets Pluto and Uranus gradually lining up to make strong aspects to his natal Saturn (starting in 2014), then David might well become a philanthropist and start to get even more involved in charities and good causes. As his moon is in Capricorn at the top of his chart, he is known to be extremely disciplined and accurate in his football training and technique. However, there's a side to that placement that indicates he would be a good ‘voice of authority for the people’ over the next few years. He has already shown he is an exemplary leader in football and as a representative of sport; this could also eventually evolve to see him become a leader of ‘the collective’.

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