Darren is an Aquarius sun sign, which indicates that he’s friendly, loyal and rational with a humanitarian and futuristic streak. He’s socially active, a bit rebellious and contrary, while also being progressive and innovative. He has Mars in Aries, which shows his strength of will and desire to conquer. He has stamina, perseverance and energy to fight any obstacles in his life and penetrate the world in order to make an impact. Recently he’s been challenged by Saturn to make real his vision of the future and with the upcoming Uranus and Pluto alignments to his Mars in 2015/16. He’s currently working out his competition. Using his natural born spirit of enterprise, he is readying himself to take on some new (creative and artistic) risks, which will build community while being radical and ahead of his time. He is full of future surprises as he strives to bring his truth to the world.

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