Colin is a Gemini sun sign, and therefore has two ways of seeing life. He also has a Capricorn ascendant, showing that he approaches everything with control and ambition. At the moment, he is revolutionizing his home and domestic life, as he breaks free of previous known limitations and discovers a new way of self-expression – particularly in relationships. Pluto and Uranus are putting increasing pressure on his emotions and feelings to let go of an old part of him, and be reborn with a whole new progressive approach. In the meantime, Saturn is soon crossing his Midheaven career point, showing that all the work he has put into his professional life is about to pay off with a more potent and powerful position or role. He might well soon play the acting role that will change his life and make him an actor to be respected and honored, especially as Neptune is gradually approaching his Venus and Sun. Look for the film roles he plays in 2014 and 2015 to be memorable ones.

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