Chelsea is a Sun sign Pisces, which are generally known for being sympathetic and impressionable with a powerful imagination. Pisces can be one of the most compassionate and caring people, often giving more time to others’ problems than their own. She also has the outgoing and demonstrative moon in Leo who likes to radiate warmth and affection along with a need to be seen and a need to perform. Over these last few years she’s settled into a new lifestyle full of family responsibilities leading to the birth of her first child in September last year. Astrologically, this was marked by Saturn crossing her Scorpio ascendant, bringing her a new identity and role (motherhood). Neptune is soon (2015-2016) to conjunct her Sun in Pisces, which will bring a subtle shift to how she wants to be seen in the world. A spiritual at-oneness discovered through motherhood is likely leading her to espouse family values (and maybe write a book about it). Neptune will tell her to slow down and enjoy each moment; she would do well to avoid anything that will confuse her sensitivities.

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