Barack Obama is a showy and proud Leo, which is an excellent placement for a statesman, world leader and politician, as they can naturally shine like a leader. However, all Leos are undergoing a tough test this next couple of years, as the planet Saturn, which deals with rules, laws and regulations is seriously testing the Leo’s capabilities to stay on top. For Obama, his Saturn to Sun transit peaks on October 22 this year, and it looks like his big test is around issues coming from abroad and to do with foreign policy. His natal Saturn is in the 12th house of his chart, indicating hidden fears. If America, under Obama’s leadership, seems to be limiting and retracting its interaction with other countries, then that’s to be expected. He would in fact do best attending to and closely focusing on homeland issues, and doing as much as he can to keep his own country’s people happy and well represented.

He does have something positively exciting though to keep him going: Uranus, the planet of innovation, progressiveness and eccentricity, is making harmonious flowing connections to his Sun in Leo that peak on April 2, 2014. This shows that he is someone who can bring change in futuristic and exciting ways. The other big transit he is undergoing at the moment is Neptune, the planet of dreams and visions, is challenging his natal moon in Gemini, tending to indicate that not all is as it seems with life in the White House. Some sort of cover up or deception with women in his life might be already happening. It can be very difficult to tell the truth due to confused emotions when Neptune is challenging the moon. From Sept. 18 to Jan. 5, 2014 things could get particularly foggy and unclear, but from looking at his chart the placement of Neptune tends to indicate that through the haze he will be making some interesting reforms that will help the USA overall.

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