Anderson has a potent opposition of two planets in chart – Mars and Saturn. They are both very challengingly placed. Mars is in Libra, which fights for justice and is pressed into building bridges between two sides, and Saturn is in Aries, which tends to make him self-critical and self-disciplined. The opposition creates a polarity or paradox, swinging from one side to the other. These planets are currently being transformed and bringing a surprising change in his life; a sort of a breakthrough carrying on into 2014 and 2015. This could see him championing a cause or an issue, and eventually his struggle will win through (maybe some kind of a law change) and he will gain further empowerment. As a Gemini sun sign, he will see both sides and communicate fairly and with logic about how he sees things. Things start picking up when Jupiter conjuncts his Mercury in July/August 2013, as he will expand on his opinions and speak with more feeling and sensitivity about what he believes in. This will help boost the big changes he will be leading. Anderson has some exciting times ahead.

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