Johnny is a Gemini sun sign (known for their versatility and adaptability: perfect for acting) with a Capricorn moon (a need to be in control, methodical and practical emotions). One of his greatest film characters for which he has become legendary reflects these two planetary placements: Captain Jack Sparrow. The Captain is the moon in authoritative Capricorn, and Jack Sparrow is a Sun in Gemini name (A Jack-of-all-trades is mercurial; and Gemini also rules small birds, like a Sparrow). In August and September 2015 Jonny has expansive Jupiter moving over his Uranus, Mars and Pluto in Virgo. This is likely to be a time when he will demonstrate that he plays by his own rules and resists compliance to any controls of society. Searching for a new path or a new goal in an unknown region is possible. A new kind of acting role? Meanwhile, later into 2015, Saturn goes back into Sagittarius and in 2016/17 will oppose his Sun in Gemini. A good time for a serious work project, possibly using all the skills he has developed over the years.

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