Chris is a proud and fiery Leo sun sign, which makes him warm and generous with a tendency to dramatization. He also has three personal planets (Venus, Mercury and the Moon) in the next sign of Virgo, which will tend to make him modest and quite possibly shy. He has a moody Mars in emotional Cancer (good for playing a hammer-wielding superhero), and the rather exciting Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius, which is most likely the lucky aspect that helped propel him into fame in the first place. At the moment (2015-2017 and beyond), Neptune, the planet of dreams, is opposing his planets in Virgo which tends to make his life rather fantastical, in that his dreams seem to have come true. Now Jupiter has moved into Virgo, this can only point to further opportunities for success in the next year. He will soon learn a lesson about consolidation and understand how quickly things can change. But his “fixed” Leo Sun will see him stay firm as everything else shifts around him.

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