Khloe is a Cancerian sun sign, an emotional water sign, known for their tenacity, sensuousness and persistence as well as being blessed with a wellspring of intuition. She also has the moon in chatty and sociable Gemini, giving her the gift of a quick mind and an intimate ability to use communications technologies. Thanks to the long-term influences of Pluto and Uranus, she’s established herself successfully as a reality television star (even though those planets challenged her immensely, while simultaneously teaching her). Over the next two to three years, Neptune, the planet of fantasies and idealism, makes a tension-based alignment to her Moon, and this could manifest as a tricky or untrustworthy friend who she finds takes more than expected, and could deceive her and other members of her family. Meanwhile, in a couple of months’ time, bounteous Jupiter is moving into her 5th house of creative expression, helping her to hone her skills and craft and make herself her best as yet, a 21st century TV goddess.

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