Bill is a Leo Sun sign, known for their authoritative and charismatic nature, whilst at the same time being a playful performer with a bit of the actor in themselves. Bill also has the Libra ascendant, which helps him have a calm and gracious presence, and be an excellent companion to his wife Hilary, who most certainly has the spotlight in her at the moment. Bill also has the moon in earthy Taurus which indicates his grounded emotions with a acquisitive tendencies. His current transits indicate that he must pay attention to what he says over the next year, as what could be careless comments, result in instability and a challenge to beliefs.

There is a strong indication that he will once again reside in the White House, as there are some lucky alignments playing out in the next year. With progressive Uranus trining his Sun in the 11th house, he might well find his long term objectives becoming real, something he and Hillary have spent their whole political careers wishing for.

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