Blake Shelton has his Sun in airy Gemini, and also two other personal planets: Venus, the planet of attraction and Mercury, planet of communication. Meanwhile over in watery Pisces he has his emotional Moon. When doing chart interpretation, a technique is to look a little deeper at the similarities of Gemini and Pisces to discover they are both ‘mutable’ signs, that is to say when planets are in these signs, life is best met through lots of change and adaptions and variety. So it is with Blake; he will be at his best when he can have variation and be unfixed according to his feelings and circumstances. It means he can tune in carefully to the mood of the moment, and of course this amount of mutability is excellent for a singer songwriter who makes music full of emotion and feeling. Though in other areas of life, such as relationships, he will happily fluctuate, which is probably why at the age of 40 he has already been married three times. However he does have a fixed Mars in Leo which is a strong indication of competitive masculinity, and most likely the reason his team on ‘The Voice’ tends to win a lot.

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