D.J and record producer Avicii is a Virgo Sun sign, known for their observational ability and attention to detail as they try to improve and be exact with everything that comes their way (like DJ-ing, trying for the perfect mix). They are also quite modest and unassuming, with a practical outlook. As Avicii’s ruling planet Mercury is in Libra, the sign of harmony, then it’s no surprise to see him have a career in producing perfect pop tunes . He also has Moon in Sagittarius which tends to indicate he would have a love of travel and foreign climes, as well as craving excitement and new experience. The world of house music provides him plenty of freedom and laughter. Over the next couple of years, he will face some challenges as Saturn moves into Sagittarius, conjuncting his moon and squaring his sun in Virgo. As these are both ‘mutable’ signs, then his response will most likely be to fluctuate and change and shift his own direction, whilst keeping an eye on the goal. Lucky Jupiter is in Virgo this next year, helping him with several large opportunities to follow, as Jupiter conjuncts his Sun and later on his Mars in Virgo.

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