Phil Dalhausser isn’t your typical American athlete. For starters, he was actually born in Baden, Aargau, Switzerland to a German father and a Swiss mother. Moreover, Dalhausser didn’t start out playing volleyball, a sport that he and his volleyball partner, Todd Rogers, have come to dominate, until later in life than a lot of his fellow Olympians. “I started playing volleyball when I was a senior in high school. I had a late start …. Once I got out there, I picked up the sport pretty easily. Everything came natural to me, and I became obsessed with the sport,” Dalhausser told us in this exclusive video interview.
Back at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Dalhausser and Rogers brought home the gold medal for Beach Volleyball, in large part due to Dalhausser’s incredible play. Some, including Rogers, have been known to suggest that Dalhausser may be the best Beach Volleyball player in the world.
Dalhausser and Rogers are coming into the 2012 games in London with high expectations to bring back another gold medal. Nonetheless, Dalhausser still takes time to enjoy the whole experience. “It’s a pretty darn cool feeling,” Dalhausser said about representing his country in the upcoming Olympic games.

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