The former attorney for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, has allegedly broke the terms of his current prison release on Sunday night.

Aventatti was allegedly on a computer in order to use the internet to file motions in his court case. The computer was owned by his friend Jay Manheimer. Aventatti was granted a temporary release from jail in April due to the coronavirus pandemic under the conditions that he did not leave his house or have access to the internet. 

The court filings from the U.S. attorney’s office for the Central District of California stated, “the conditions of his temporary release by using his third-party custodian Jay Manheimer’s internet-accessible computer to draft his last five filings in this case.” It later added, “At a minimum, defendant and his counsel have not been candid with this Court.”

Aventatti’s attorney Dean Steward responded in a statement saying, “Mr. Avenatti has not violated any of his conditions of release. Mr. Avenatti is able to review documents with his counsel via email between Mr. Manheimer and counsel. Mr. Manheimer is then able to print those documents for Mr. Avenatti to review.” 

Steward explained that Avenatti was grateful for his release, but the current accusations were false. He said, “We’re really gratified that the judge took the action that he did. He recognized the seriousness of the situation. Unfortunately, there are a lot courts across the country that have not. We’re fortunate.”

Aventatti was originally charged in February 2020 for an attempt to extort $25 million from the global sportswear company Nike. He is still currently waiting for more charges involving to his legal representation of Daniels. Daniels is a star from adult films and is well known for her accusations against President Donald Trump, who she claimed had an affair in New York.