Gigi Hadid is one celebrity who has always loved to cook and often shares her creations with her fans. While in quarantine, Hadid has continued to cook, but now she has time to learn how to make new things.

In a recent Instagram post, Hadid shared, “a quarantine goal of mine was to start making bread.” Something many people have attempted to do on their own as well in the past few months. Unlike the traditional sourdough or baguettes people are making at home, Hadid has learned how to make homemade za’atar focaccia.

The za’atar focaccia was made using a no-knead recipe involving various spices and shared with her Instagram followers. In a slide with three photos and one video, the focaccia is shown among a delectable spread of fruits, cheeses, vegetables, crackers, dips and other bread set out on a table. The other images show the process of the focaccia being made before being cooked in the oven and after looking perfectly golden brown with a close-up video in the middle of the light and airy za’atar focaccia.

In the post for the za’atar focaccia, Hadid shared a Highlight section on her Instagram page titled “From My Kitchen II” showing a step-by-step process of how the focaccia was created. Since quarantine, Hadid has expanded her original “From My Kitchen” Highlight, which dates back to the fall, allowing her to share all her meals with her fans.

Hadid has been quarantining with her sister Bella Hadid, mother Yolanda Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik at their family farm in Pennsylvania. Growing various vegetables and spending quality time together has allowed for Gigi to craft many delicious meals alone and alongside family members. Several recipes posted on the Highlight, have been “farm to table.” In contrast, others have been desserts and pasta dishes, allowing for Hadid to continue to interact with her fans despite being in quarantine.

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