Armie Hammer is continuing to practice social distancing with a shaved head and full mustache, which he Instagrammed on May 12. He was also sporting a caftan and mused about making himself an odd  breakfast. 

He said, “day 1328 of the ‘Tine,” he wrote. “Cracked a beer, put on a Kaftan and fried up some Mac n cheese balls at 9:30 in the morning. What are you gonna do about it?”

Hammer’s post updated fans on how he is doing during the coronavirus pandemic as his last Instagram post gave another shocking update. On April 15, Hammer posted a selfie in a frayed crop top and short. His hairstyle featured a DIY mohawk with both sides of his head fully shaved and a handlebar mustache. The caption read, “killing the game.”

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Killing the game.

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Hammer has been known to like to experiment with crazy hairstyles. In July 2018, Hammer posted a throwback photo from the early 2000s where he has blue spiked hair. His caption read, “#tbt when I thought it would be cool to dye my hair blue… thanks Aunt Candy (@candaceg6) for the picture and thank you for coming tonight to Straight White Men with Uncle Steve (@steveygarvey6) and also sharing this gem… good Lord, why didn’t anyone tell me this was a bad idea?! Thank you mom (@druhammer) for putting up with me. And by the way, the early 2000s, fashion wise, were rough. #dodgerblue

Hammer is not the only one to be changing up their looks during quarantine. Hillary Duff posted a photo of herself on Instagram on April 15, revealing that she has switched from blonde to blue. Duff captioned the surprise. “Yea.” 


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Also on May 12, Dua Lipa posted a picture of new red streaks in her dark hair. With the caption being strawberry emojis, “🍓🍓🍓🍓.”

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