Between last night’s Democratic Debate and the House’s transfer of Impeachment Articles to the Senate, late night television hosts had plenty of material to lampoon on their shows. Let’s take a look at the best bits:

James Corden on Sanders and Warren

During the aforementioned debate, viewers took notice of a tense exchange between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the debate’s aftermath, during which Warren refused to shake Sanders’ hand and appeared to have some words for the Senator. The Late Late Show host James Corden poked fun at the interaction with a pointed, hilarious barb. After playing the audio, in which both Sanders and Warren accused their opponent of labeling the other a liar on national television, Corden unleashed a wicked one-liner: “Warren accuses Sanders of calling her a liar, then he says she called him a liar. Look there’s a very easy way to settle this,” Corden quips. “You’re politicians. You’re both liars.” Here’s the video (clip begins at 0:22):


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The Tonight Show Takes On Sanders and Warren

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon of had a slightly sillier take on the encounter between the two senators, dubbing over the clip to create a faux conversation about Justin Bieber‘s new single, “Yummy”: “Hey Bernie, I was wondering if you’ve heard Justin Bieber’s new song, ‘Yummy,'” the fake Warren voice whispers. “What?” responds Bernie. Warren tells him, “It goes: You’ve got that yummy yummy.” “No, listen. The only Bieber song I listen to is ‘Sorry.'” “‘Yummy’s better,” declares Warren. “Your opinion, not mine. Agree to disagree,” retorts Bernie. A dub of Tom Steyer hilariously butts in, asking, “Hey, are you talking about the one percent, are you talking about me?” “F–k of,” Bernie says before walking away. Take a look (clip begins at 3:30).

Cue Card Cold Read  WIth Robert Downey Jr.

Fallon’s guest for the night was Avengers star Robert Downey Jr., who was on the show to promote his upcoming movie, Dolittle. The two did a segment together in which they perform together in a parody commercial for a fictional allergy medicine, Zynerma. They each don a silly wig and read their lines from the cue cards without prior knowledge of what they will say. While not all of the jokes land, the segment certainly features some memorable lines, with Downey receiving some of the biggest laughs. Standout lines include, “If your erection lasts more than four hours, that has nothing to do with Zynerma. But congratulations.” And, “Whoa I just realized something: Zynerma rhymes with potato. Wait, no, sorry. Tomato rhymes with potato. D–n it I just embarrassed myself again. I guess my dry-cleaner was right. I’m a worthless sack of crap.” Watch the entire clip below:

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