Although the Super Bowl is over, and the halftime show has garnered it’s share of memes and publicity, something from Katy Perry’s lavish halftime show had managed to escape the jaws of background choreographer irrelevancy for an additional 15 minutes of fame. That thing is Left Shark.

After performing the routine of “Teenage Dream” completely off sync with his lesser known partner Right Shark, Left Shark’s popularity blew up, and it managed to become the number two United States trend on Twitter during the show, with memes of him popping up into the next day.

ESPN’s SportsCenter managed to get on the hype bandwagon with one of their notorious “This is SportsCenter” commercials. The commercial has both sharks returning back to the office, with Left Shark doubting his performance on stage. Right Shark then ironically remarks, “People probably won’t even notice”.

Check out the video below.

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