Justin Bieber has been a target of many Saturday Night Live jokes before, but this Saturday’s episode may have been some of the funniest aimed at him. Kate McKinnon plays Bieber in a series of mock ads based off his recent Calvin Klein commercials alongside Cecily Strong (playing as model Lara Stone). The result is an uncanny impression out of McKinnon that leads to a hilarious set of skits that you’ve got to check out:

McKinnon, as Bieber, talks about becoming “a big boy now,” complete with the Biebs rocking out on the drums and showing off an arm full of tattoos. If that wasn’t enough, Bieber attempts to work out, get groomed by Stone for no reason, plays basketball (poorly), and crashes his scooter through the series of mock ads. All of this is going on while Stone is freaked out by Bieber’s surprises and attempts to flirt with her. Let it also be known that Bieber wants to make sure his “pee pee” is safe and secure.

As one can imagine, these ads have been quickly making its rounds through the Internet out of the weekend. With McKinnon’s spot-on impersonation, the funny acts going on through the commercials, and the low hanging fruit of a subject in Justin Bieber, it’s not hard to see why everybody’s talking about SNL again this week.