Since 2004, serious sports fans and puppy lovers alike mark this ever-so important day down on their calendar. With bragging rights and a championship title on the line: Team Fluff and Team Ruff rigorously battled for the Lombarky Trophy at GEICO Stadium. It was an intense battle, filled with ‘ruff’ tackles and no ‘paws’ of action.

The Puppy Bowl is Animal Planet’s homage to Super Bowl Sunday. The event started more than 15 years ago, and since then has transformed the event from a cute spectacle into a full-fledged event. This year, the event added a slew of new events and viewing content.

Similar to real life sports teams, the Puppy Bowl starts out with scouts searching for the best potential prospects, and includes a Doggy Draft. The selected dogs are always chosen from animal shelters from across the United States. Animal Planet even allows online users to view the rosters, featuring animal captions that would put even the best Tinder bios to shame.

At half time, all the party animals in attendance get to experience the Puppy Bowl Halftime Show, which features kittens. For 30 minutes, fans are able to watch cats gleefully prance around the stadium, playing with toys such as: laser pointers, yarn and scratching posts. Truly a can’t miss event for feline-fans.

After a high scoring game, Team Fluff scored a touchdown in the final drive of the game. Every dog played their hardest out there, with the MVP — or should we say MVD — award being granted to Gina, a 12 month old Labrador Retriever from Maryland.

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