YouTube’s Alltime10s posted a funny video on June 6 ranking the top 10 times The Simpsons predicted the future.

The Simpsons Predict The Future In New Video

Fox’s animated sitcom The Simpsons has been on our TV screens since 1989, making us laugh and cry. But what we didn’t know is that our favorite cartoon characters also have this strange ability to predict the future. Alltime10s uploaded a video containing 10 pieces of evidence to showcase this strange psychic phenomenon.

The video counts down from 10, starting with FIFA corruption. In episode 546, a FIFA official is arrested by American authorities for corruption. Sound familiar? Last month, of course, 14 people were arrested by FBI in connection with a FIFA corruption scandal.

Moving on to number 9, in an episode that aired in 1992, Homer’s half brother Herb Powell invents a machine that successfully translated baby noises into English. In 2009, developer Biloop Technology released an Iphone App that they claimed could translate a baby’s cries into categories of hungry, sleepy or stressed. 

In Number 8,  a 1993 episode shows what happens when Springfield legalizes gambling and Mr. Burns hires a pair of magicians to perform in the casino, where the entertainers are attacked by their white tiger. In 2003, Las Vegas duo Siegfried and Roy were also attacked by their white tiger in real life. 

Perhaps the most funniest prediction on the list comes at number 5. In the 1994 episode titled ‘Lisa on Ice’ Dolph takes a memo on his Apple Newton, but the text recognition doesn’t get it correct. Auto-correct fails are still a big issue on smartphones today, and an Apple employee admitted the episode helped Apple design the iPhone. I guess we have the Simpsons to thank for these improvements in technology!

Check out the video below and see if you agree with Alltime’s top 10 list.

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