Mothers let their children hook them up to lie detectors for a fun Mother’s Day video, resulting in some funny airing of dirty laundry for the holiday.

Mom Don’t Lie To Me

Distractify gathered a group of mother-child pairings and created a series of questions for the children to ask their mothers. The questions ranged from drug use to snooping through children’s things – one mother admitted to discovering her son’s “nighttime emissions” while cleaning his dirty sheets – and the answers were collected in a video titled “Mom Don’t Lie To Me.”

Some of the more awkward moments came courtesy of revealing sexual questions, like, “Have you ever wanted to sleep with one of my friends?” and “Have you ever had a threesome?”

My personal favorite: two sons asked their mother, “Did you want any of us to be a girl?” Her response: “No. Yes…Well, maybe.”

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