Lena Dunham, the director and star of the HBO series Girls, took on Jimmy Fallon‘s lip-sync challenge. Dunham showed Fallon that no challenge can stump her, on her lip-sync renditions of “Outside” by Calvin Harris, featuring Ellie Goulding and “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Friday.


Fallon’s not the only one challenging Dunham. On Thursday’s episode of the The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, after questioning why Dunham was doing the lip-sync battle with Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg said, “Alright Lena Dunham I’m challenging you. I’m challenging you to a lip-sync off! How about that?”

The following Friday, Lena gracefully showed off her lip-syncing skills while dancing to the catchy songs.

Dunham was looking very sporty in a low- cut tank top, black Nike skirt and a black and white athletic jacket, paired with white sneakers and giant heart shaped gold earrings. “I wanted to take this seriously and I needed room to flex,” she said while shaking her legs.


The battle started off with Fallon lip-syncing into a hand mirror to the 1982 song, “I’ve Never Been To Me,” by Charlene. Props are always important in lip-syncing battles. Fallon’s super-dramatic lip-syncing rendition did not compare to Dunham’s take on “Outside,” however.

Dunham did not miss a beat in her over-the-top performance—she even got down on all fours.

Lena Dunham

Part two of the battle began with Fallon’s almost “mic-drop”-worthy performance “Run’s House” by Run-D.M.C. Along with the help of the audience, Dunham finished the battle off with an animated performance of the 1970 hit-song “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

The audience voted Dunham as the winner of the lip-sync battle, of course.



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