Jimmy Kimmel took the viral trolling segment of his show called “The Pot Quiz” to the streets of Austin, TX during this year’s SXSW festival.

“The Pot Quiz: SXSW Edition”

Taking attention away from the drinking, molly and other indulgences consumed by attendees – the interviews conducted portrayed a hilarious rendition of confused but honest festival goers thrown off their game as they were asked to answer a set of questions regarding the history of Texas, and various other topics that might appear on a 5th grader’s social studies test.

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “The Pot Quiz” segment showed off the diverse personalities within the stoner community of Austin. There was the happy/dismissive stoner, who shamelessly replied to “Who is the governor of Texas?” with a smile and an “I have no f—king clue,” though when asked who Scooby Doo’s best friend was, “Shaggy” was immediately acknowledged.

Then there was the overly ambitious stoner that was persistent in answering the three branches of government, though only able to name one of the three, followed by an effort to escape his weed induced brain fart with claims that he ‘did pretty good in history.’ He did slightly step his game up for the follow-up question. When asked to name 3 flavors of Doritos, he got two out of three and gave a random shout-out to Taco Bell.

Another standout was the clever stoner-chick that flipped the script upon being asked to name a US senator by replying, “I don’t like senators.”

One question that none of the interviewees failed to answer was to identify three strains of marijuana. Hey, at least they’re educated on what’s being consumed?

Fortunately there was a savior! Willie Nelson rescued the reputation of stoners around the world. Asked “Which mountain range in the highest in the world?” Willie replied with stone-cold confidence: “Mount Everest.” As a bonus, he also nailed the second question when he proclaimed himself as the “Highest musician in the world.”

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