Jim Carrey hosted the latest episode of Saturday Night Live this week, in what is clearly the sketch comedy show’s best season in years. Here, we have Carrey’s top 4 moments from his gig. The episode was largely centered on a Halloween theme, as clearly evident in Carrey's monologue outfit. Later, he and the SNL cast covered a melenge of Jim Carrey characters in the "Family Reunion" skit. There was a digital short that skewered Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercials and mashed them up with Dennis Haysbert's Allstate ads. However, what many call the skit of the night was the "Halloween Party" sketch which featured most of the cast at a costume party. Both Carrey and Kate McKinnon's characters show up dressed as the young dancer from Sia's "Chandelier" video. Both Lena Dunham and Jimmy Kimmel have done send-ups of the video already, and now Jimmy Carrey with SNL put their own spin on it.

#1 The Monologue

#2 Jim Carrey “Chandelier”

#3 The Jim Carrey Family Reunion

#4 The Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Commercial