At this year’s Golden Globes, the deliverance of the award for Best Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy was a juicy one. The winning title was taken by Ryan Gosling for his role in the acclaimed film and musical, La La Land. This win, however, amongst the total of seven that La La Land managed to snag, was not what stole the show.

The buzz surrounding this win was focused on the smooch that occurred when the winner was announced. When Gosling won, he beat contender and nominee Ryan Reynolds for his role in the science fiction film Deadpool

Reynolds’s reaction to this loss, however, was stunning. He turned to Andrew Garfield, who was sitting adjacent to him, grabbed him by the back of the head, and locked lips in what seemed to be a steamy embrace.

Emma Stone, who won the Golden Globes award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture, didn’t know of this smooch until after the ceremony. Stone dated Andrew Garfield for four years, and was engaged to him for a year before the two split up in October 2015.

When told of Reynold’s snog with Garfield, Stone was incredulous.

“What? They did not kiss each other. They did?” asked a disbelieving Stone.

Only after being shown the picture of the smooch did Stone believe it. She burst into laughter, and said, “that’s hilarious.”

Co-star Gosling gave his blessing, saying, “I mean, I’m happy for them, honestly.”

After La La Land’s impressive achievement of winning all seven Golden Globe awards it was nominated for, it’s great to see its stars being so generous.

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