Last Saturday, Chris Rock returned to the Saturday Night Live stage for the first time in over a decade and delivered one of the most infamous episodes the show has had in years. From 9/11 jokes to a massive bomb-aroo sketch, this was a can’t-miss episode.

#1 The monologue: Chris Rock created controversy for his terrorism jokes, with many feeling outrage that Rock would make light of these serious topics. However, Rock did what all great comedians do—they expose and indict us for feelings we are too afraid to express and they take something sacred and spin it into something funny. Rock even predicts the oncoming controversy of what he’s said and preemptively slammed his critics.

#2—Family Situation: Okay, this isn’t going to be on anyone’s best list. This is a terrible, awful, unfunny skit that many are calling the worst sketch in the history of SNL. However, if you love cringe-worthy or uncomfortable moments like I do, this is absolute gold. Prepare for stereotypes, line flubs and cue-cards mistakes. It’s wonderful. Also, poor, poor Leslie Jones.

#3 Shark Tank: Members of the terror organization ISIS go on the popular show Shark Tank to pitch their “multinational brand.” Not only is this a funny and incisive parody, but it also points out the hypocrisies of ISIS’s views and how pop culture can even affect those that want to destroy us. Also, poor Mark Cuban.

#4 Women in the Workplace: At once this is a parody of workplace instructional videos, the politically correct culture, and perhaps a reference to Working Girl from 1988. It’s bizarre and very funny.

#5 How’s He Doing?: A PBS parody of race and politics in the Obama era.

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