Doing live TV can be stressful. Sometimes mistakes get made and sometimes people lose their cool. The thing is, you're taught in broadcasting school to pretend the camera is always on whenever you're in front of it. Apparently, this rule is often forgotten quite a lot, and we are lucky for it. These include arguments, generalized freakouts, unfortunate reactions, swearing and meltdowns. We even included the best Ryan Lochte interview of all time.

#1 Bee flies in reporter's mouth. He doesn't take it well.

#2 Boredom between stories is natural.

#3 Reporters can’t take Ryan Lochte seriously.

#4 A.J. Clemente is a very talented and tactful reporter who can think on his feet.

#5 Angry Old Men

#6 Nicole Brewer vs. Carol Erickson

#7 12 Angry Men Newscasters

#8 Mad as hell

#9 News 12 Matt Pieper didn’t realize the camera was on. (This sort of thing seems to happen often.)

#10 Bill O’Reilly on Inside Edition; watch his hair.

#11 Justin Morley sees a bug, doesn't respond well.

#12 Sean Bergin editorializes and gets fired.

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