October 31, 2014

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Toby Sheldon: Why I Spent $130K To Look Like Justin Bieber


Toby Sheldon, a German songwriter living in Los Angeles, has spent more than $130,000 on plastic surgeries to look like the eccentric Justin Bieber. Sheldon reveals his reasons in this exclusive uRant — his initial motivation behind his decision to get these procedures done was his thinning hair in his early twenties. When he first saw Bieber on television, Sheldon began admiring Bieber's full head of hair. “I just saw him on TV and I saw him on every magazine. He looks so good, and he’s so handsome, everybody loves him,” he told uInterview. Sheldon couldn’t stop comparing himself to Bieber after that, and went on to get more procedures done to gain the complete Bieber look, one surgery at a time.


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