October 22, 2014

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  • 'Despicable' Tops Weekend Box Office


    The villains have finally triumphed. Or at least they did at the box office this weekend. Universal's latest animated film Despicable Me, about two super villain archenemies, one of whom is voiced by Steve Carell, pictured, took in the the top spot with an estimated $60 million.

  • 'Twilight: Eclipse' Rules Box Office


    Twilight: Eclipse, starring Robert Pattinson, pictured, ruled at the July 4th weekend box office, crushing Toy Story 3, last week's winner. The Last Airbender survived weak reviews to bring in an impressive $53 million.

  • Kristen Stewart Learns To Smile


    Kristen Stewart has become famous not only for her role in the Twilight films but for her depressed look on the red carpet – as if earning millions and dating Robert Pattinson was some huge cosmic drag.

  • Kristen Stewart Apologizes For Remarks


    When Twilight megastar Kristen Stewart, 20, likened paparazzi shots to “being raped” in the July edition of British Elle, the comments set off a media spitfire, and rape advocacy groups have come down hard on the starlet.