October 25, 2014

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  • 'Southland' Canceled By TNT After 5 Seasons


    Southland will not be renewed for a sixth season by TNT. This is not the first time Southland has found itself in the canceled pile; the show was canceled by NBC after one season before being saved by TNT.

  • 'Southland' Finale Recap: End Of The Series? Ben McKenzie Wants Another Season


    Southland's current season came to a close last night, ending on a cliffhanger that leaves the future of the popular cop drama up in the air. Did John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) die? That's the question that Southland left it's viewers with as the final scenes see him go down in a blaze of gunfire.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Hatosy On Benjamin McKenzie: 'He Scratched My Face'


    Shawn Hatosy and Benjamin McKenzie got a little too close for comfort recently on the set of the TNT crime drama Southland. “The other day [McKenzie] scratched my face in a scene, it couldn’t have been placed more perfectly right on the center of my nose,” Hatosy told Uinterview exclusively.

  • Shawn Hatosy Interview On Southland's New Season, Getting Scratched By Ben McKenzie


    Shawn Hatosy has well over 50 television and film credits under his belt, but these days he's known as Detective Bryant on TNT’s hit series Southland. Hatosy has been hitting the streets of Los Angeles for the fifth season of the show.

  • Ben McKenzie On Southland, Jay Leno, Playing A Cop


    He graduated from The O.C. to a serious dramatic role as rookie cop on the critically praised Southland, which was canceled last fall to make way for Jay Leno. Now, with Southland returning to TV on TNT, Ben McKenzie speaks exclusively to Uinterview here.

  • Southland


    The visage of celebrity studded stereotypes associated with the Los Angeles basin is erased from a viewer’s mind the moment the credits for Southland are cued. The premiere of the series’ second season struts confidently past the sun-bathed streets of LA’s grittiest neighborhoods and onto TNT’s Tuesday nights.

  • Southland


    The end of E.R brings with it the end of an era for NBC and the days of prime time dominance now seem a distant memory as the network stares down the barrel of a ratings war they are still struggling to secure a foothold in.

  • Ben McKenzie To NBC: "WTF OMG"


    When Southland star Ben McKenzie heard that NBC was canceling his critically acclaimed TV drama to make room for 5 nights of Jay Leno in primetime, he didn't mince words. "My reaction was ‘WTF OMG?’ And I said it that way," McKenzie tells Uinterview.