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  • ‘Black Rock’ Movie Review: Girls Bonding Trip Gone Awry


    Husband and wife Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton, from the FX comedy The League, joined forces on Black Rock. Duplass wrote the script, while Aselton directed and co-stars in the film, and while fans of the funny duo may be expecting big laughs from this collaboration, Black Rock is anything but another comedy.

  • 'Black Rock' DVD Review: When A Girls Weekend Turns Deadly


    Black Rock, the thriller directed by Katie Aselton, is a Deliverance-type tale of three friends — Abby (Aselton), Lou (Lake Bell) and Sarah (Kate Bosworth) — who, due to Sarah’s scheme at reuniting Abby and Lou, who haven’t talked for years because of a longtime feud, have traveled to the coast of Maine to visit the island where the three women spent summers as kids.

  • The Freebie


    Picture this. You’ve found your soulmate in friendship and marriage. You can (and feel it necessary to) confide anything and everything to your partner. On top of this, the relationship is so ridiculously cute, that to others it causes only irking, jealous resentment.