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  • Jeremy Piven And Liam Neeson Film Entourage Movie In West Hollywood


    Jeremy Piven was on set of the highly anticipated Entourage film in West Hollywood on Tuesday, with Irish-born actor Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson & Jeremy Piven FIlm Entourage Film Piven, who plays agent to the stars Ari Gold on the erstwhile HBO hit, was decked out as his character in a blue suit with a double-breasted vest.

  • 'Entourage' Movie Green-Lit, Cast Begins Negotiations


    Finally, the Entourage movie has been green-lit. Series creator Doug Ellin wrote the screenplay and will direct the film, which is being produced by Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson, Deadline reports.

  • The Pirates! Band Of Misfits


    The Pirates! Band of Misfits is a fun, traditional, animated film that helps to bring together family, friends, and pirates alike. Based on a novel by Gideon Defoe, who also wrote the screenplay, Pirates follows the adventures of Pirate Captain (voiced by Hugh Grant) and his crew as he tries to become “Pirate of the Year”.

  • Entourage - The Final Season


    With the blinding glitz, the shameless glamour and veritable galaxy of stunt cameos lined up like the Hollywood Walk of Fame unable to disguise any longer that nothing actually happens in this show, HBO has called time on the light as helium adventures of Vincent Chase and his eponymous gang.

  • Mark Walhberg Confirms 'Entourage' Movie


    Fans still mourning the recent passing of Entourage have good reason to be cheerful again as longtime Executive Producer Mark Walhberg revealed that a big screen adventure for Vinnie Chase and the gang is most definitely in the works.

  • Vince Returns From Rehab On 'Entourage'


    The return of Entourage for its eighth and final season kicked off with the release of Vince (Adrian Grenier, pictured) from rehab after a 90-day stint. Previously, in season seven, Vince's life had been spiraling out of control: he was dating a porn star, upping his cocaine intake and getting beaten up by Eminem.

  • SPOILER ALERT: 'Entourage' Season 8 Secrets Revealed


    The eighth and final season of HBO's hit show Entourage is set to premiere on July 24, and to get people watching HBO has leaked the Emmy-winning comedy's air dates along with some provocative spoilers.

  • Hugh Grant Pulls Out Of Talks To Replace Charlie Sheen


    If you thought Hugh Grant's negotiations with CBS meant it was time to table all that rampant speculation about who will replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, think again. After Sheen's embittered public battle with the show's producers, it's become pretty clear that he will not return to the sitcom.

  • Valentine’s Day: Celebrities' Sweet Tweets


    Whether you think of Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day on the calendar, Singles Awareness Day, or just a good excuse to binge on chocolates, you can't help but notice the holiday cheer being tweeted by some of the most lovey-dovey of celebrities.

  • Jeremy Piven: Miley Cyrus Makes Me Feel Like 18-Year-Old Girl


    Hanging out with Miley Cyrus brings out Jeremy Piven's inner teen. Though the Entourage star, 45, is 27 years older than Cyrus, he said he had a blast working with the Hannah Montana star while shooting the comedy So Undercover in New Orleans.

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