October 24, 2014

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  • Gerard Depardieu Admits To Drinking Up To 14 Bottles Of Wine Per Day


    Gerard Depardieu, the lauded French actor, recently copped to imbibing up to 14 bottles of wine per day – and not getting drunk. Gerard Depardieu's Shocking Wine Drinking Habits Depardieu revealed that he's not your average "bon vivant," claiming his constitution allows him to drink 14 bottles of wine daily in an interview with So Film U.

  • Gerard Depardieu Victim In Plane-Peeing Incident


    Comedian Abbi Curtchfield defends French actor's unruly bladder | Get Uinterview's FREE iPhone App To Record Celebrity Video Questions + Get Daily News Updates here!

  • An Eyewitness To Gerard Depardieu's Plane Peeing Incident


    I feel sad to be boarding this plane to Dublin after the most incredible tour of lovely Paris. I've seen all the key landmarks that one could expect to see—the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre.

  • French Actor Gerard Depardieu Urinates On Plane


    On a recent flight from Paris to Dublin, French film icon Gerard Depardieu really had to go. The problem was that at the moment of crisis, the aircraft was on the tarmac, which meant the restrooms were temporarily off-limits.