In Take This Waltz, which opened at the Tribeca Film Festival Sunday night, comedian Sarah Silverman shows fans a side of herself that they are not used to seeing. "I go totally naked," Silverman told Moviefone last year. "Full frontal. It's going to be awful. It's so not pretty."

Silverman elaborated on why director Sarah Polley included Silverman's nakedness in the film. "The thing, and I want to be able to say this because [Polley] isn't here, but she always says she wrote that scene because women are naked together all the time," Silverman told The Hollywood Reporter. "You're in the shower at the Y or one of you is in the tub and one of you is reading a magazine, you're hanging out and trying on clothes — it's such a common, every day thing for women that's never reflected in movies."

Take This Waltz, also starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, is about a married woman who falls in love with a man who turns out to be her neighbor.

Watch the trailer here: