October 25, 2014

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Archer Jennifer Nichols: Another Proud Olympic Virgin

Archer Jennifer Nichols: Another Proud Olympic Virgin


Runner Lolo Jones made headlines when she revealed that she is saving herself for marriage, but it turns out that she's not the only conscientious virgin on the U.S. Olympic team. Archer Jennifer Nichols, 28, who will compete in her third straight Olympics this summer in London, has announced that she is also a late-twenties virgin.

Nichols, who hails from Cheyenne, Wyo., also recently — and proudly — admitted that she had never even been kissed until she became engaged to fiancé Chris Hardy, 25. "I made that commitment when I was about 13 years old," she told UsWeekly. "I knew that I wanted to save my kiss on top of purity. I felt like a kiss was something very special and I wanted to save that."

With the magical first kiss out of the way, Nichols says she is waiting to have sex until she's a married woman on September 1. "Chris is extremely involved in the planning process," Nichols said of Hardy, who was her college boyfriend. "We Skype like crazy. We email links back and forth of wedding venues and photographers."

Check out Nichols and other Olympic athletes discuss their favorite "superfoods" in this video.

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